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Bagchi, Susmit

슈스미트박취교수님 사진 

Susmit Bagchi, Ph. D.

Professor, Department of Aerospace and Software Engineering (Informatics),

GyeongsangNationalUniversity, Jinju 660701, Korea.

- Office: Building 407, Room 308

- Email:

- Phone: +82-55-772-1376


Research Interests:

He is primarily interested in Mathematics and its applications to Computer Science (Distributed Computing). In his earlier research works, he employed mathematical rigor in analyzing and implementing distributed computing systems/algorithms. Currently, his research is solely focused on Pure Mathematics domains:


■ Topology

  Topological Algebra

  Topological Measure and Analysis

  Discrete Mathematics




B.Sc. (Honours), 1993, University of Calcutta

B.E. (Electronics Engineeering), 1997, NagpurUniversity

M.E. (Electronics and Telecom. Engg.), 1999, B.E.College (D.U.) [Currently IIEST, Shibpur]

Ph.D. (Information Technology), 2008, BESU [Currently IIEST, Shibpur]


Ph.D. Students and Master degree students supervised with completion:


  Ph. D. students (Moazam Ali, Ihtisham Ali)

  Master degree students (Erios Naiga Sembatya, Asmat Ullah Khan, Davronbek Malikov, Aldiyar Salkenov)


Current teaching activities:

  Mathematics domains: [Under graduate: Discrete Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics-I], [Master degree: Advanced Probability and Statistics]

  Computer Science domains : [Under graduate: Linux System Programming], [Master degree: Distributed Embedded Systems, Internet Computing]


Selected Publications (Mathematics and Computer Science combined)

Topological Analysis of Fibrations in Multidimensional (C, R) Space

Susmit Bagchi

Symmetry 12 (12), 2049, 2020


On the Topological Structure and Properties of Multidimensional (C, R) Space

Susmit Bagchi

Symmetry 12 (9), 1542, 2020


Analysis of Homotopy Decomposition Varieties in Quotient Topological Spaces

Susmit Bagchi

Symmetry 12 (6), 1039, 2020


The Sequential and Contractible Topological Embeddings of Functional Groups

Susmit Bagchi

Symmetry 12 (5), 789, 2020


On the analysis and computation of topological fuzzy measure in distributed monoid spaces

Susmit Bagchi

Symmetry 11 (1), 9, 2019


Design and topological analysis of probabilistic distributed mutual exclusion algorithm with unbiased refined ordering

Susmit Bagchi

Future Generation Computer Systems 95, 175-186, 2019


Computational modeling of consistent observation of asynchronous distributed computation on N–manifold

Susmit Bagchi

Cogent Engineering 5 (1), 1528029, 2018


Formulating analytical solution of network ODE systems based on input excitations

Susmit Bagchi

Journal of Information Processing Systems (JIPS), Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 455-468, Apr. 2018 


The quantum phenomena in computational model of neuro-cognition states: an analytical approach

Susmit Bagchi

NeuroQuantology,  13(3), June 2015



[Readers are requested to search SCOPUS for full list of papers published by him.]