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                            Dept. of Aerospace and System Engineering

Aerospace and Software Engineering is a rapidly advancing field that covers the fundamentals of design, manufacturing, and operation of vehicles moving above the earth's surface, vehicles ranging from aircraft to helicopters, missiles, and spacecraft. Design of such vehicles has always been challenging, mainly owing to the complicated and interdisciplinary nature of the design processe. Furthermore, the design must also meet the high standard requirement of producing cost-effective light-weight vehicles with guaranteed performance and reliability.

The department is located within 15 minutes driving distance from the Sacheon aircraft industrial complex. For this reason, the department has been selected as one of the intensive supporting fields in the university's long-term development plan. Currently, it is the only aerospace and software program in country supported by special projects(such as BK21Plus and CK) of the Ministry of Education.

The undergraduate curriculum at the department is designed to-promote a clear understanding of the fundamental aspects of the fields that are essential to dealing with challenging problems in practice. The main focus of the program is to help students gain the basic knowledge of subjects as well as the hands-on ability to solve real-wrold problems in aerospace and software engineering.

The department also offers state-of-the-art aerospace and software engineering programs for Master and Ph.D degrees. In particular, these graduate-level programs have launched,- BK21Plus (Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students) since 2013, funded by the Ministry of Education, to train world-class engineers to be working in the research & development sector. Note that since 2013, the department’s undergraduate program has also launched the government-funded CK (University for Creative Korea) project to train engineers with creative and global minds who will lead the aerospace and software engineering industry.